The embarrassing confusion of the ‘women’s strike’

The embarrassing confusion of the ‘women’s strike’
Image via Diversity Chronicle

What if you held a giant international women’s strike and nobody showed up?

Well, let’s scrap that question. The whole point of a strike, to be fair, is for no one to show up — at least not at work, anyway. But what if a bunch of left-wing feminist leaders cooked up a grandiose, multi-country women’s strike — “A Day Without a Woman,” as American organizers are calling it — and the result was not an empowered roar but rather the slow, steady, and somewhat disheartening sound of air slowly hissing out of a proverbial misfired whoopee cushion?

On March 8, we’ll find out. The organizers of January’s massive Trump-inspired women’s marches are back, looking for a follow-up hit, and they’ve settled on A Day Without a Woman, which is scheduled for International Women’s Day. For people like me — people who ultimately prefer not to live in a perpetual state of outrage and panic — this is unfortunately a bit confusing.

Where, as a woman, am I supposed to go? Are we all going to hide in a corner, giggling, mashed up in an awkward, large-scale version of sardines? Has someone booked reservations at a leafy and mysterious offshore day spa?…

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