Top Fatah official: Palestinians have ‘right’ to use terror to create ‘Palestinian Arab State’

Top Fatah official: Palestinians have ‘right’ to use terror to create ‘Palestinian Arab State’
Nabil Shaath (Image: YouTube screen grab via Al Jazeera English)

[Ed. – Ends justify means.]

A senior Fatah leader, Nabil Shaath, said three times in a short interview that the Palestinians have a right to use “armed struggle,” the Palestinian euphemism for terror. In fact Shaath said that this right is “indisputable.”…

According to Shaath, the goal of using violence is to “liberate our homeland,” after which a “Palestinian Arab democratic state” will exist, and Jews, Muslims and Christians will live in “Palestine” together.

The fundamental condition under which the PLO and Fatah, the movement headed by Mahmoud Abbas, were taken off the list of terror organizations was that they had committed to giving up terror. This statement by a senior Fatah leader contradicts the PLO’s commitment and is a reiteration that Fatah has never attempted to fulfill the terms for which it was removed from the list of terror organizations. As Shaath said, Fatah claims that violence against Israel, including the killing of Israeli civilians, is legitimate “resistance.”

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