Last-minute Obama action on Cuban refugees strands defectors in Colombia

Last-minute Obama action on Cuban refugees strands defectors in Colombia
Castro raises Obama's limp wrist (Image: YouTube screen grab, via New York Daily News)

Sudden change in US policy? Check. No warning given to those en route? Check. Lives put in danger? Check. No, this story isn’t about the executive order that Donald Trump issued that temporarily suspended visas and refugee applications from seven nations known to either sponsor terrorism or have terror networks openly operating within them. This NBC News profile focuses on the executive action taken weeks earlier by Barack Obama, arbitrarily ending the “wet-foot, dry-foot” policy on Cuban refugees.

Thanks to the abrupt change, a number of defectors who defected are now caught in limbo in Colombia, having escaped out of Venezuela — and they may have to go back to Raul Castro’s “paradise”:

Just like Lezcano, there are over a dozen Cuban doctors and other medical professionals who abandoned their posts in Venezuela and were in transit to the U.S. embassy in Bogotá when the parole program was abruptly ended. They say they cannot return to Cuba and they face deportation if they remain in Colombia. The only reason they risked deserting was to apply for the now defunct program.

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