Pope: ‘Muslim terrorism does not exist’ but ‘ecological crisis is real’

Pope: ‘Muslim terrorism does not exist’ but ‘ecological crisis is real’

While speaking at a world meeting of populist movements on Friday, Pope Francis insisted that Islamic terrorism does not exist while telling those present that the “ecological crisis,” apparently referring to global warming or so-called “climate change” is real, Breitbart.com reported.

“First, the ecological crisis is real,” the pope said, according to a prepared transcript of the speech.  “Science is not the only form of knowledge, it is true. It is also true that science is not necessarily “neutral”—many times it conceals ideological views or economic interests. However, we also know what happens when we deny science and disregard the voice of Nature. I make my own everything that concerns us as Catholics. Let us not fall into denial. Time is running out. Let us act. I ask you again—all of you, people of all backgrounds including native people, pastors, political leaders—to defend Creation,” he added.

“The other is a reflection that I shared at our most recent World Meeting of Popular Movements, and I feel is important to say it again: no people is criminal and no religion is terrorist.”…

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