And former-president Obama’s new ranking from academic historians is…

And former-president Obama’s new ranking from academic historians is…

[Ed. – Yeah.  I’m sure these guys would reject Curt Schilling for the Baseball Hall of Fame.]

In this 2017 survey, President Barack Obama was included for the first time. And you’ll never guess where the academics ranked him.

Obama came in 12th, just ahead of James Monroe and just behind Woodrow Wilson.

Yahoo News:

The poll ranks each US president on various issues, including “crisis leadership”, “moral authority”, “international relations” and “pursuing equal justice for all”.

Obama scored particularly high on the “equal justice” scale, coming in third behind only Abraham Lincoln (1861-1865) and Lyndon Johnson (1963-1969).

But Obama ranked fifth from the bottom on “relations with Congress”, and got a middling 24th best score on “international relations”, the survey showed

Historian Douglas Brinkley of Rice University said that Obama’s presidency, despite its weak points, may age well and notch an even higher ranking as time passes. …


Barack Obama is ranked 12th—above James Madison, above John Adams, and above Andrew Jackson, whose presidency was one of the most consequential in history.

In fact, Washington and Jefferson are the only founders ranked ahead of President Obama. I think this tells us volumes about the bias of academic historians.

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