Will Trump’s real approval rating please stand up?

Will Trump’s real approval rating please stand up?
Image: Igor Zh./Shutterstock via LU

During his memorably hostile press conference yesterday, President Trump spiked the football on the media. Despite their best efforts to harm his presidency, Trump said, he’s still amassed a strong 55 percent approval rating among American voters. “A new Rasmussen poll … just came out just a very short while ago, and it has our approval rating at 55 percent and going up,” he boasted. Sure enough, the latest Rasmussen survey measures his job approval at that level. In fact, Rasmussen has tracked that number at north of 50 percent throughout the entire first month of Trump’s presidency. That is one data point, but it’s been a clear outlier in recent weeks. Democrats may be tempted to dismiss Rasmussen’s findings entirely, but they should be reminded that the polling outfit nailed the 2016 election’s final popular vote margin, at Hillary (+2). Nevertheless, virtually every other poll shows Trump currently underwater. But how far underwater? Skimming through Lefty twitter and watching evening newscasts last evening, most Trump detractors — including almost the entire press — are focusing on one of two surveys: Gallup or Pew Research. It’s not hard to see why….

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