Trump’s performance fuels worry about his presidency going off the rails

Trump’s performance fuels worry about his presidency going off the rails
Image: New York Times video screen grab

“How would you feel if that was your boss?” and “How would you feel if that was someone in your family?” asked CNN’s Jake Tapper after Thursday’s news conference with President Donald Trump. Although at this point nothing should surprise anyone about how Trump conducts himself, it was still hard not to have your jaw drop as his face-off with reporters played across screens.

He lashed out personally against reporters, he resumed fighting over the outcome of the election and his loss in the popular vote, and continued steadfastly refusing to admit to facts that are beyond dispute. While it is true that many of his supporters still see the person who “tells it like it is” and isn’t afraid to punch back against his critics, this is not a way to conduct the presidency.

The style that we saw on display at this news conference highlighted many parts of President Trump that are causing deep concern, certainly among Democrats, but also with some Republicans. When he continues to traffic in false statements about massive voter fraud, he demonstrates his willingness to circulate false information from the highest levels of power.

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