Defending rocky start, Trump regains his mojo

Defending rocky start, Trump regains his mojo
Image: YouTube screen grab via The New York Times

If there was one takeaway from President Trump’s first news conference Thursday, it was this: the president will hold more of them.

He loved it, and Americans who voted for Donald Trump may have enjoyed it, too. And that was the point.

The news conference, with Vice President Pence and more than a dozen senior aides in attendance, was a political and communications strategy to reassure Trump supporters who may worry the early weeks of the Trump presidency proved wobbly.

“I’m here again to take my message straight to the people,” the president said, reading from prepared remarks. “As you know, our administration inherited many problems across government and across the economy. To be honest, I inherited a mess.”

Starring in a White House version of a one-man play, Trump turned an hour and 17 minutes in the East Room into improvisational theater with a theme (“I’m keeping my promises”), a rejoinder (“this administration is running like a fine-tuned machine”), and a dramatically cast nemesis (“the press honestly is out of control. The level of dishonesty is out of control”).

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