Warmists terrorized by discovery of vast carbon reservoir under Western U.S.

Warmists terrorized by discovery of vast carbon reservoir under Western U.S.

[Ed. – Interesting perspective Lifson calls out here.  Since this discovery would be consistent with the theory of abiogenic petroleum, as the author says, and the idea of plentiful fossil fuels is anathema to the ideology of catastrophic limits, there may be more than mere hallucinatory horror behind the warmist scientists’ reaction.  Seems like there might be method here.  What if folks got to coveting those carbon stores, and went down there for them — and nothing bad happened?]

Two British scientists have made an important new discovery (scientific abstract here), mapping what lies beneath the Earth’s crust: a vast “molten zone” of carbon beneath the western United States.

Scientists using the world’s largest array of seismic sensors found a huge area of melting carbon covering 1.8 million km2 (684 000 mi2), 350 km (217.5 miles) beneath the Western US. The discovery challenges accepted the understanding of how much carbon the Earth contains and suggests it is much more than previously understood. …

But instead of celebrating the discovery and exploring the opportunities it raises, warmists have so demonized carbon that the author of the study told Business Insider:

“While there is no imminent possibility of this carbon making it to the surface, it shows that in absence of such a deep Earth reservoir this carbon would have to be accommodated in the surface, potentially leading to massive global warming,” he said.  …

Even though all life on Earth is based on carbon, that basic and essential element has become the devil in the new religion popular among those Americans who regard themselves as atheists.

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