On science, the Left has its own ‘alternative facts’

On science, the Left has its own ‘alternative facts’

When it comes to science, the left has time and again attacked the view that science can make strong truth claims. Science, in this view, is merely one way of knowing among many, making the conclusions of science open to challenge by those who reject its methods and norms, even if they have little understanding of what it is they are criticizing. After all, these norms are arbitrarily ‘constructed’ by those with power and thus must be deconstructed by the oppressed (i.e., the children of wealthy elites attending expensive Western liberal arts schools).

Thus, activists are free to oppose the use of GMOs and vaccines—using precaution as a justification for perpetual inaction—even when these technologies demonstrably increase the quality of life for hundreds of millions of people. For instance, one of the leading U.S. technology think tanks, ITIF, reports that “anti-GMO advocacy groups have denied the benefits of agricultural biotechnology and suppressed its diffusion.” As a result, developing countries will likely lose out on over a trillion dollars in economic growth in the years to come. To put that in perspective, that equates to the current GDP of the entirety of sub-Saharan Africa, a region that’s home to over a billion people.

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