Martial arts has an answer to at least one Trump problem

Martial arts has an answer to at least one Trump problem
Jiu jitsu to the rescue. (Image: Screen grab of Relson Gracie Academy video, YouTube)

[Ed. – Sounds a bit extreme to me.  Better to pretend to drop something and just blow the moment up with awkwardness.]

A mixed martial arts online magazine has posted a tutorial from a jiu-jitsu academy on how to defend against President Trump’s handshakes.

Recent meetings with foreign leaders have brought attention to the president’s handshake. Videos and analyses of his handshake show that he often pulls forcefully on the hand he’s shaking.

So a black belt from a mixed martial arts academy posted a lesson for how to defend against the “arm drag handshake.” …

“Now I’m not suggesting you do this to the president,” he added, then demonstrating the “goose neck” wrist lock he says will defend against the hand shake.

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