Flynn resignation stirs larger concerns on Capitol Hill

Flynn resignation stirs larger concerns on Capitol Hill
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Michael Flynn’s resignation as President Trump’s national security adviser might have closed the retired general’s brief, tumultuous chapter at the White House — but it raised new questions and concerns Tuesday on Capitol Hill, where lawmakers of both parties called for congressional inquiry into Flynn’s role. More significantly, it raised alarms that the country’s essential national security apparatus is in disarray.

The latter only begins with Flynn and won’t end with his departure. Sen. John McCain, who chairs the Armed Services Committee, warned in a statement that Flynn’s resignation “is a troubling indication of the dysfunction” in the current national security operation.

At the heart of the problem is a lack of clarity regarding who has been truly calling the shots, McCain elaborated later — Flynn prior to his resignation? Or Steve Bannon, Trump’s chief strategist who was granted a seat on the elite National Security Council Principals Committee? Perhaps Stephen Miller, the senior policy adviser who was the face of the administration in a slew of news appearances Sunday? Or someone else?

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