Chelsea Manning fundraiser garners more than $83,000 in one week

Chelsea Manning fundraiser garners more than $83,000 in one week

A fundraiser to welcome home former Army intelligence analyst Chelsea Manning has raised more than $83,000 in just one week. Nearly 2,000 individuals from across the globe have contributed to the GoFundMe donation drive organized by Manning’s friends and family, with the goal of reaching $100,000 to help her start a new life outside prison when she is released on May 17.

“It’s amazing to see so much support for Chelsea, but it’s not really a surprise,” Evan Greer, a friend and supporter of Manning, told NBC Out. “She has done so much to fight for all of our basic human rights. I think people are grateful for the opportunity to give back by supporting her.”

On January 17, President Obama commuted Manning of her 35-year prison sentence for her role in one of the largest leaks of classified military information in the history of the United States. In 2010, she leaked more than 700,000 secret U.S. Government documents, including diplomatic cables and U.S. military war logs, to Wikileaks. At the time, Manning wrote that she conducted these leaks in the hope that they would generate “worldwide discussion, debates and reforms.”

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