Liberals’ permanent state of anti-Trump apoplexy is exhausting and counterproductive

Liberals’ permanent state of anti-Trump apoplexy is exhausting and counterproductive
Apart from questions of fairness, she looks fabulous in that hat. (Image via Twitter)

[Ed. – A word to the wise?]

It is a tough time to be a young liberal in America. A commander-in-chief who delights in tweaking Democrats — and indeed, shredding every political norm he comes across. Book deals for controversial gay conservative activists. A tide slowly turning against hypersensitive activist sensibilities. The list goes on.

With so much outrage and so little time, what is a socially conscious progressive to do? If the reactions post-election are any indication, the answer is to adopt a preening, self-righteous sense of moral outrage — an extremely counterproductive approach for those opposing the likes of Donald Trump et al.

If Democrats and progressives wish to serve as credible opposition over the next four to eight years, it is necessary to drop the self-promoting outrage theater popular among activists and develop a more mature, fact-driven approach.


While people may of course oppose Trump for entirely legitimate reasons, the offputtingly strident and preening nature of swaths of this opposition suggests there is more interest in signaling critics’ own liberal bona fides than in credibly opposing America’s 45th President. This outrage theater, in which progressives angle to stand out by being louder and more liberal than the rest, plays right into the hands of Trump and conservatives.

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