Final answer: Hillary edging Trump in popular vote is Gary Johnson’s fault

Final answer: Hillary edging Trump in popular vote is Gary Johnson’s fault
The man who meets the need. (Image: Screen grab of MSNBC video via YouTube)

[Ed. – Not sure I buy the political reasoning, but hey, it’s a theory.]

What about the third party votes? Michael Moore said that if you add up Clinton’s vote totals with that of third party candidates, 54 percent of the country didn’t vote for Trump. …

[I]t’s highly flawed to just combine vote totals of those who didn’t vote for either candidate and make such a blanket statement to make Trump look bad. Yes, some might have gone to Clinton if these candidates vanished from the ether. But some would have certainly gone for Trump. In Gary Johnson’s case, 75 percent of his voters would have cast their ballot for Trump. Tom Ross, the former chairman of the Delaware GOP spoke with Johnson’s running mate—former Massachusetts Gov. Bill Weld—and delved into some of the Libertarian Party’s internal polling, which also found that Johnson supporters had “zero appetite” to back Clinton in this scenario [emphasis mine]:

In our conversation, Governor Weld brought up a fascinating point, a point that has been largely overlooked in the reams of post election analysis. Governor Weld said that Johnson-Weld internal polling showed that 75 percent of their voters would have voted for Donald Trump had they not been in the race. …


To be exact, the Johnson/Weld ticket received 4,489,233 votes. Seventy five percent of that would be roughly 3,366,924. Add that to Trump’s 62,985,106 votes and you get 66,352,030 to Clinton’s 65,853,625.

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