Greece’s Tsipras defiant in debt impasse with Germany, IMF

Greece’s Tsipras defiant in debt impasse with Germany, IMF
PM Alexis Tsipras, left, prepares to chase his coalition around Greece. (Image: EPA via BBC)

[Ed. – In the post-Brexit climate, it’s not as much a given as it might once have been that all parties are committed to preserving the euro or the EU.  This one could get interesting.]

Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras on Saturday warned the International Monetary Fund and EU economic powerhouse Germany to stop playing with fire over his country’s debt problems.

Opening a meeting of his far-left Syriza party, Tsipras said he was confident a solution over repayments would be found, despite talks between Greece and its creditors ending in Brussels with no breakthrough on Friday.

Months of feuding with the IMF has rattled markets and raised fears of a new debt crisis, with Athens resisting pressure to cut public services any more than has already been agreed with creditors.

The Greek premier urged a change of course from the IMF. …

And referring to Germany’s Wolfgang Schaeuble, Tsipras called for Chancellor Angela Merkel to “encourage her finance minister to end his permanent aggressiveness” towards Greece and “stop playing with fire”.

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