Democrats’ numbers actually worse than most people realize

Democrats’ numbers actually worse than most people realize
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The fact is, although we now know the polls were horribly wrong, Trump’s victory was quite small compared to what it might have been. Consider:

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  • Minnesota (10 electoral votes) saw Trump make a very strong surge. Richard Baris, of People’s Pundit Daily polling — the most accurate poll in the election — told me that on Election Day itself, outside of Minneapolis Trump won the state 2-to-1. But early voting, much of it coming during the Access Hollywood tape, gave Clinton the state by 44,000 votes.
  • Virginia (13 electoral votes) was Clinton’s by 212,000, but 200,000 criminals were allowed to vote. Johnson and independent candidate Evan McMullen siphoned off 172,000 votes. …
  • New Mexico …
  • Nevada …
  • Colorado …

Trump lost these seven states by a total of 510,000 votes — shifting 51 electoral votes and narrowly denying him a massive landslide territory. The “flip factor” — what is needed to reverse the decision — was a mere 260,000 votes. Trump gained 290,000 votes more than Romney in Pennsylvania alone between 2012 and 2016.

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