DeVos defeat just the start for reeling Democrats

DeVos defeat just the start for reeling Democrats
Nonmiee for education secretary Betsy DeVos (Image: YouTube screen grab via Senator Elizabeth Warren)

Democrats say their path to winning again starts with this: a string of agonizing losses on the Senate floor.

After falling one vote short of bringing down beleaguered Education Secretary Betsy DeVos on Tuesday, Democratic senators are gearing up for grueling losses on three more top nominees this week. The GOP is betting that voters already frustrated with Washington will punish the delay of President Donald Trump’s nominees, but even red-state Democrats are backing delay techniques designed to drive down Trump’s popularity and weaken Cabinet members, if not defeat them.

It’s a brutal show of the minority’s limited power. Democrats are pulling all-nighters in a futile stand of opposition — powerless as their 2013 decision to gut the filibuster is used against them to approve nominees who surely would have been scuttled in years past. But the Democratic grass roots wants to see a high-profile fight, even one that ends in a loss, and senators are happy to oblige.

“It’s so clear the overwhelming majority of the public agrees with us on a number of nominees. The email, snail mail and phone calls are something like 200-to-1,” said Sen. Sherrod Brown (D-Ohio)….

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