DHS’s Kelly: Thousands of jihadi fighters ‘with papers’ ready to infiltrate; ‘threat is real’

DHS’s Kelly: Thousands of jihadi fighters ‘with papers’ ready to infiltrate; ‘threat is real’
Homeland Security Secretary Jack Kelly. (Image: Screen grab of CSPAN video via CNSNews)

[Ed. – You probably haven’t heard about this part of Kelly’s testimony to Congress.  The only thing the media have been playing is his mea culpa for not deliberating the refugee-halt for the seven countries with Congress, before implementation.  Which oversight was actually the only way to do this, if it was going to be done.  But the point here is that Kelly fully defends the substance of the executive order.]

“There are thousands of fighters who are available and have — we have pretty good confidence — have the kind of papers that could get them passed into Western Europe, and certainly, by extension, into the United States,” Homeland Security Secretary Gen. Jack Kelly told Congress on Tuesday.

“So the threat is real.” Kelly said President Trump’s executive order on immigration, issued on Jan. 27, is a “pause” that will give Kelly, working with the CIA and the Departments of Defense, Justice and State, “an opportunity to step back and decide what additional vetting we might add to what we already have, which is minimal, in my view. And then come out of that and say, these are the new rules.”

Kelly said some of the seven countries listed in President Trump’s temporary entry ban may remain on the list because they are in such chaos. Those countries are Syria, Iraq, Iran, Libya, Somalia, Yemen and Sudan.

“I believe that the travel pause from all of those countries will give us time to evaluate those countries and the information they can provide us, which will ultimately lead to safety for the American people.”

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