Swastika scrawlings unnerve three U.S. cities

Swastika scrawlings unnerve three U.S. cities

Police are investigating a flurry of swastika vandalism over the weekend in three major US cities.

Chicago Police released a surveillance video Saturday that shows a man smashing the front window of a synagogue and placing swastikas on the front door.

In the video, the suspect pulls up to the synagogue curb in a dark-colored SUV just after midnight, places the stickers on the front door and then breaks the glass with a metal object. He then gets back in the car and flees the scene.

The man is wearing dark clothing and a dark head mask, police said.

The incident is being investigated as a hate crime.

“The Chicago Jewish community will not be intimidated by anti-Semitic attacks on a house of worship,” American Jewish Committee Director Amy Stoken said in a statement to CNN.

In Houston, campus police at Rice University are investigating the swastika vandalism of the school’s William Marsh Rice statue.

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