NHL teams now have ‘LGBTQ inclusion ambassadors,’ for some reason

NHL teams now have ‘LGBTQ inclusion ambassadors,’ for some reason
Andrew Shaw (red jersey), Canadiens' new LGBTQ outreach maven, goes inclusive on the Capitals' Nathan Walker in a mid-period dispute-resolution process in Sep 2016. (Image: Screen grab of YouTube video posted by hockeyfights.com)

Every NHL team now has an “LGBTQ-inclusion ambassador” for a league that has no openly gay players.

The NHL will host events throughout the month for its “Hockey Is For Everyone™” initiative that raise awareness about LGBTQ issues and gender equality in the all-men league.

“The NHL is teaming up with the You Can Play project to create more visibility for LGBTQ inclusion in the league and build a list of team ambassadors that creates a web of support reaching all 30 team locker rooms,” reported Outsports.com, a website run by SB Nation. …

[T]he NHL said in a statement last week…”Every day throughout February, Hockey Is For Everyone activities will focus awareness on such areas as LGBTQ; ethnicity and gender equality; socio-economic status and those with disabilities.” …

Outsports.com noted, “there has never been a current or former NHL player who has come out publicly.” …

Among the NHL’s new inclusivity officers is Montreal Canadiens player Andrew Shaw, who famously yelled “F**k you, f**king f***ot, f**k you,” at a referee during last year’s playoffs.  [Inventive choice. – Ed.]

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