Complaint department: Now #OscarsSoMale is trending

Complaint department: Now #OscarsSoMale is trending

#Oscarssomale is trending on Twitter.

In protest against the fact that there wasn’t a single female best director Oscar nominee and only one contender in the writing category, people are freaking out (again) about perceived discrimination.

Stephen Galloway writes in the Hollywood Reporter:”Where were the behind-the-scenes women in the Oscar noms this year? Whatever advances people of color made were not matched across gender lines…After #OscarsSoWhite, is it time for #OscarsSoMale?”

It is according to these folks:

In truth #Oscarssomale has been a slow burner, actually starting on January 25th, but it’s only caught on because of an article in the Hollywood Reporter… by a guy.

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