Trump effect: Ad rates jump dramatically for news shows POTUS is known to watch

Trump effect: Ad rates jump dramatically for news shows POTUS is known to watch

[Ed. – Not un-funny.  And the interesting thing about it is that this is a relatively crisp and measurable phenomenon.  If the opportunity for influence stops, the money will dry up.  It’s a grand illusion, on the other hand, to believe that Washington’s self-perpetuating influence machine is somehow morally cleaner, because it involves a lot of nameless, political-activist influence peddlers clawing over each other to access the ears of power.]

MSNBC and Fox News are capitalizing on President Donald Trump’s TV watching habits, dramatically increasing issue advocacy advertising rates in recent weeks as companies and outside groups try to influence Trump and his top lieutenants.

The ad rates for “Morning Joe” have more than doubled post-election, according to one veteran media buyer. Trump, who reportedly watches the show most mornings, has a close relationship with “Morning Joe” host Joe Scarborough, and they talk regularly.

Fox News’ “The O’Reilly Factor” and other primetime programs on Fox News have boosted their rates about 50 percent. Trump also is a frequent viewer of the network’s primetime shows.

“The president’s media habits are so predictable, advertisers migrate to those areas,” said one media buyer.

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