Next frontier for robots: Cooking your food in restaurant kitchens

Next frontier for robots: Cooking your food in restaurant kitchens
Revenge of the machines (Image via Byte for Bite)

Machines haven’t yet taken over the world. But give them time.

London customers of the food delivery service, Just Eat, got their first taste of the future late last year when the service made its first delivery via automatons. And if robots can bring your food to you, why can’t they also cook it?

Now, according to an article in Wednesday’s Financial Times, they can — and are:

[A] Japanese amusement park has taken a leap of faith by creating a restaurant with more robots than human workers.

A robot with arms prepares okonomiyaki — savoury pancakes — while another makes cocktails or doughnuts in front of customers at a Dutch-themed resort in Sasebo in south-west Japan.

In addition to cooking, an android arrives at diners’ tables with a reminder 10 minutes before their hour-long buffet is up. This is an act that could be irritating if performed by a human waiter, but can prove entertaining when performed by a robot.

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