Actual good news: Trump FCC suspends ‘net neutrality’ probes of 3 major telecoms

Actual good news: Trump FCC suspends ‘net neutrality’ probes of 3 major telecoms
Ajit Pai. (Image: Washington Post)

[Ed. – Ajit Pai having one of his first salutary effects.  The probes were misguided because they were based on a very bad regulatory package.  This is excellent news.  “Net neutrality,” if actually enforced, would only lead to shutting down the variety of Internet-access options small users have available to them.  It needs to die a quick death.]

The Federal Communications Commission on Friday suspended its probes into whether thee major telecommunications companies violated net neutrality rules with their data plans.

The FCC’s wireless telecom bureau sent letters to AT&T, Verizon and T-Mobile informing them that the probes were over.

The letters are a sign that the FCC is changing under new Chairman Ajit Pai, a Republican who has been a fierce critic of the rules, which generally prevent companies from charging higher prices for speedier net service. …

At issue were so-called zero-rating plans, where internet providers give their customers free data when they use certain apps.

Critics say it violates the principles of net neutrality, the idea that all internet traffic should be treated equally. But companies have defended the plans, saying they are popular with customers and provide them with more options for easily accessing content.

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