New and hot: Testosterone (now associated with Barack Obama and Bill Gates)

New and hot: Testosterone (now associated with Barack Obama and Bill Gates)

[Ed. – You can’t make this stuff up.  The venerable Onion itself will never survive four years of such intense competition.]

The researchers found the men who received the testosterone injection were more likely to choose financial punishment for participants who made unfair offers. Additionally, those who did not receive the placebo were more likely to reward others who had made fair or generous offers.

The results from the study align with a decades-old idea that testosterone serves as a status enhancer more so than an aggression booster.

This hypothesis makes sense in terms of the impact testosterone could have on influencing social sway. It’s one thing to have personality quirks that lend themselves to impulsivity, defensiveness and aggressive behavior, but there’s something to be said about someone who’s willing to share for the greater good. Generosity suggests an abundance of resources, which showcases an organism’s ability to provide for future offspring and sets one up to be a leader of a community.

This aligns nicely with men who we currently value and respect in contemporary culture. Men like former president Barack Obama, actor George Clooney and high tech leaders Mark Zuckerberg and Bill Gates are widely known and respected not only for their success and leadership skills, but also generosity in philanthropic endeavors and a broader belief in inclusion for people despite financial, racial or gender differences.

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