For the last time: Stop throwing ‘Never Trump’ delusions in our faces

For the last time: Stop throwing ‘Never Trump’ delusions in our faces

The latest entry in “you must pick a team and cheer” comes from New Republic’s Jeet Heer, who accuses National Review of “surrender to Trump.” Sigh.

For the last time, can we go through this so even a liberal can understand it?


Trump won.

The executive branch is his to run, as he sees fit, regardless of our histrionics. Either we can be patriotic in the sense that we respect the government of the United States as it exists, or we can be oppositional to the realities of political life. It’s not unpatriotic to call Trump out for his (many) faults, fumbles, and blunders. But it is unpatriotic to start from the position of “I hate Trump and therefore this government is invalid, illegitimate, and deserving of all scorn for anything it does.”

We need not agree on the substance of the immigration ban – some think it’s okay to continue bringing in tens of thousands of refugees from countries with known ties to terrorists (as long as it’s not in their back yard). But we need to agree that the president has the authority and ability to set policy under current law.

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