In India, Muslim men can end a marriage by writing ‘divorce’ three times

In India, Muslim men can end a marriage by writing ‘divorce’ three times
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[Ed. – And if they click their heels, they wake up in Kansas.]

More than a year ago, the letter carrier handed the soft-spoken Shayara a letter that would not only change her life but trigger a national storm about the rights of Muslim women in India.

In the letter, her husband wrote the words “I divorce you” three times.

That is all it took. Her 13-year marriage came to an end with that letter.

“One minute I was a married woman with two children. The next minute I became a divorced woman. I was not asked. I was not even present when he wrote the word ‘divorce,’ ” said the 35-year-old Shayara, who uses only one name, sitting in her hometown of Kashipur, in the foothills of the Himalayas. “What kind of a one-sided, unfair divorce is this?”

India allows communities to follow family laws that are governed by their religion. But the practice of what is known as triple talaq, or “the triple divorce,” among the country’s 170 million Muslims is one of the most controversial….

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