Trump refugee halt has people at DHS ‘literally crying’

Trump refugee halt has people at DHS ‘literally crying’

[Ed. – And you thought it stopped with Chuck Schumer .]

Now President Trump is causing hardened officials at the Department of Homeland Security to cry.

They’re at the front lines.  They’ve seen violence.  They’ve seen death.  They’ve seen tremendous crimes against humanity.  But they have never seen the likes of a temporary, limited ban on visitors from a handful of the most dangerous countries.  For many at DHS, it’s broken them utterly.

“There are people literally crying in the office here,” said a senior U.S. immigration official who spoke to The Intercept on condition of anonymity.

Note the key word: literally. This is not a case of employees crying figuratively, or metaphorically.  It’s literal big, wet tears, streaming down their cheeks, short-circuiting their keyboards. …

Anxiety.  Fear.  Anger.  Resentment.  From the wall-to-wall media coverage, Trump is being portrayed as being able to play the world like a great emotional piano, having the distinct ability to hit the keys that make people scream the hardest.

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