Brown U’s gym dress code is exactly the same for men and women – but somehow ‘sexist’

Brown U’s gym dress code is exactly the same for men and women – but somehow ‘sexist’
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[Ed. – More proof that calling something “sexist” or any other progressive-list “-ist” is just a way of dressing up a moronic complaint.  The complaining women’s comments are pricelessly irrational.]

Two Rhode Island School of Design students were kicked out of Brown University’s gym for wearing midriff-baring gear, and now they’re insisting that the dress code is sexist — even though the rules are exactly the same for men as they are for women. ..

According to [fitness center manager Jason] Bishoff, the reason behind the rules is not to maximize the power of the patriarchy, but to minimize the amount of sweaty, germ-covered skin that will be touching the equipment. Still, both Dimitroff and Karayiannis insist that — gender-neutral or not — the rules are clearly rooted in a misogynistic desire to police women’s bodies. …

Dimitroff told the Herald that the policy “place[s] the blame on women and the way women dress,” and “blames women for something that men need to change about how they view women’s bodies.”

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