Iran vows to retaliate in kind for Trump immigration suspension from Muslim countries

Iran vows to retaliate in kind for Trump immigration suspension from Muslim countries
(Image: IRNA via Gatestone Institute)

[Ed. – No surprise here.  We can certainly hope Iranian-Americans who were in Iran before Trump’s new order took the precaution of leaving already.  Other than the lives of individuals, this Iranian counter-move will have little impact on anything.  But it will be instructive about how the mullahs view Trump, to see if they do anything more, like take hostages.]

President Donald Trump’s order indefinitely banning admission to the U.S. of people fleeing Syria and limiting entry of other refugees from seven mostly Muslim nations prompted Iran’s government to threaten retaliation and drew concern from a French official.

Iran, whose citizens are among those subject to the ban, said the executive order Trump signed Friday is a “visible insult” to Muslims and called it “a gift to extremists,” according to the official Islamic Republic News Agency in a report on Saturday. Iran “will reciprocate with legal, consular and political undertakings,” according to the report.

Trump’s order also led French Foreign Minister Jean-Marc Ayrault to say the action was “worrying” for France and Germany, according to Agence France-Presse. U.S. companies also reacted; Alphabet Inc.’s Google advised staff traveling overseas who may be impacted by the order to return to the U.S. immediately.

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