Hilarious: California looks for ways to cut off money to the federal government

Hilarious: California looks for ways to cut off money to the federal government

[Ed. – Idiotic.  We’ve been through this before.  The biggest contributions by far from California are made directly to the feds by corporate and individual taxpayers.  Doesn’t matter what tax or fee it is; if it’s collected for the feds, it’s passed to them directly by the taxpaying entity.  California doesn’t even have a MEANS of affecting that revenue stream.]

The state of California is studying ways to suspend financial transfers to Washington after the Trump administration threatened to withhold federal money from sanctuary cities, KPIX 5 has learned.

Officials are looking for money that flows through Sacramento to the federal government that could be used to offset the potential loss of billions of dollars’ worth of federal funds if President Trump makes good on his threat to punish cities and states that don’t cooperate with federal agents’ requests to turn over undocumented immigrants, a senior government source in Sacramento said. …

“California could very well become an organized non-payer,” said Willie Brown, Jr, a former speaker of the state Assembly in an interview recorded Friday for KPIX 5’s Sunday morning news. “They could recommend non-compliance with the federal tax code.”

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