Newsweek suggests it’s nefarious that Trump aides had RNC email accounts

Newsweek suggests it’s nefarious that Trump aides had RNC email accounts
Kellyanne Conway (Image: YouTube screen grab via MSNBC)

[Ed. – Apparently they think people are stupid?  Of course the campaign aides of the presidential nominee had RNC email accounts.  It’s not that you have an email account; it’s what you do with it.]

Yesterday, Newsweek tried to take a swipe at the Trump White House, reporting that senior staffers have private emails accounts with the Republican National Committee. You can almost hear the liberal haranguing through the piece: Oh my god—they’re just like Clinton. Didn’t the GOP slam Clinton for email arrangements like this? …


But after then-candidate Donald Trump and the Republicans repeatedly called for “locking up” Hillary Clinton for handling government work with a private server while secretary of state, the new White House staff risks repeating the same mistake that dogged the Democrat’s presidential campaign. …

For starters, Hillary Clinton’s email server was not part of a national party apparatus; it was located in her home for which she used to conduct official business. …

Having an RNC email isn’t even comparable to Clinton’s email fiasco, where she violated the Federal Records Act by deleting emails. She lied about the reasoning for having such an arrangement; saying it was out of convenience, though it was later revealed in a withheld email that it was because she was afraid her personal information could be accessed. She had over 2,000 emails with classified information (personally writing 104 of them) that were sent and received through her unsecure server.

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