Please let me be the poster child against Obamacare

Please let me be the poster child against Obamacare
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[Ed. – Coulter is her usual entertaining self talking about the trials of trying to stay insured under Obamacare.  But her real public service is in filleting the unrealistic memes-‘n’-themes touted by the Democrats and MSM, about how the health insurance dynamic functions.]

Insurance lobbyists have somehow convinced politicians, who have very little experience in the private sector, that health insurance is wildly different from every other product — even car insurance and homeowner’s insurance — because of its need for a large pool of enrollees.

Everyone talks about the enrollment problem as if this is a bug unique to the health insurance industry. What product, do they imagine, does not need lots of customers? …

Why is “having customers” treated like some freakish need of this one industry?

People are a lot less interested in buying hotel rooms, restaurant meals and pipes than they are in buying health insurance. Everyone knows someone who has died of cancer or had some other major medical problem, and most people are not insane.

Even with the hell of Obamacare, requiring hundreds of hours of work — to research, sign up for, be thrown off of, then sign up for a different, ever-more-expensive plan, year after year — the long-suffering taxpayer is doing all that in order to maintain some form of health insurance. …

Any “popular” features of Obamacare obviously, manifestly, inevitably will be preserved by the free market. If parents like keeping their useless millennial kids on their plans, guess what? Any insurance company forced to compete with other insurance companies WILL OFFER THAT.

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