Obamacare’s Jonathan Gruber admits: ACA NOT intended to help everyone

Obamacare’s Jonathan Gruber admits: ACA NOT intended to help everyone
(Screen grab via Townhall)

[Ed. – Some people, the law was just intended to stick it to.  This whole post by Guy Benson is a good, canonical treatment of the ways the Obamacare designers meant to manipulate and overstress the system, so that it would basically have to collapse.]

Jonathan Gruber and his fellow propagandists have since made a series of admissions about Obamacare that undercut the mendacious sell-job he helped pioneer. Gruber stated privately, on several occasions, that his future analysis of the legal battle over state-based exchanges and subsidy eligibility would be dishonest, conceding the core argument of those anti-Obamacare lawsuits. Another Obamacare architect, Zeke Emanuel, finally confessed that people really couldn’t necessarily keep their doctors and plans — and that maybe the law wasn’t especially “affordable” after all. Now here’s Gruber sparring with Tucker Carlson last night, tossing another key Obamacare marketing slogan overboard. Democrats promoted their partisan scheme as a win/win panacea that would benefit everybody. …

This was never supposed to help everybody, Tucker,” Gruber said… Gruber proceeded to say that wealthy Americans were hurt by the new taxes implemented by the Affordable Care Act. He also admitted that young, healthy people were hurt by Obamacare because the law eliminated the “discriminatory” health insurance market that existed before the law took effect.

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