New Planned Parenthood ad celebrates women who chose NOT to abort

New Planned Parenthood ad celebrates women who chose NOT to abort
Image: YouTube screen grab via Planned Parenthood

In a new Planned Parenthood ad, a woman says the best thing the nation’s largest abortion provider did for her was to tell her to leave and not abort her son.

“I wish I knew her name so that I could thank her for the role that she played in making me a mother,” the woman who is identified in the video’s description as Adeline said about the doctor who sent her home from the clinic.


The ad is part of Planned Parenthood’s fight to continue receiving taxpayer dollars, despite Congress’s recent efforts to defund them. The nation’s largest abortion provider is frantically trying to prove themselves worthy of taxpayer dollars by insisting that they do more than just provide abortions. It’s a cosmetic makeover in a desperate attempt to prevent a Republican Congress from fulfilling its decades of promises to voters to stop making them pay for abortions and abortion providers.

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