Awww: EPA employees still ‘coming to work in tears’

Awww: EPA employees still ‘coming to work in tears’

[Ed. – Yeah.  Hundreds of thousands of Americans are still out of work because of these people’s ideological zealotry and regulatory overreach.]

ProPublica published a story yesterday on the dark mood at the Environmental Protection Agency. According to one unnamed communications official, people are coming to work in tears:

On Tuesday, the new administration’s efforts to take hold of the EPA continued…

At EPA headquarters, the mood remains dark. A longtime career communications employee said in a phone interview Tuesday that more than a few friends were “coming to work in tears” each morning as they grappled with balancing the practical need to keep their jobs with their concerns for the issues they work on.

This is not the first time EPA bureaucrats have been caught weeping at work because of their political concerns. A week after the election E&E News published a story on the scene at the EPA and Energy Department. Supervisors were said to be telling distraught employees to take sick leave and go home, something explicitly no[t] allowed by the rules governing sick leave…

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