The woman’s march deepened the chasm between liberals and the rest of the country

The woman’s march deepened the chasm between liberals and the rest of the country
Pussyhat Project founders Krista Suh and Jayna Zweiman (Image: Pussyhat Project)

After everything that has happened in the last year, the Democrats still have learned nothing. Their answer to the election of Donald Trump? A Women’s March that does nothing to save a deluded party still cannibalizing itself.

Liberal leadership remains obsessed with imagery instead of solutions, working overtime to not face the fact that America has now rejected the scourge of political correctness and identity politics, both of which liberalism requires in order to survive.

With the media coverage surrounding the so-called women’s marches on Saturday you’d think we were watching some sort of organic, spontaneous uprising, much like, oh, the tea party. But it wasn’t. There has been excellent commentary in the days that followed exposing the fact that the march wasn’t about women at all; it was about leftist politics. And group therapy.

Yes, many, many people came out. Likely a million across the country. And that’s a good thing, but not surprising. For cities that Hillary Clinton won overwhelmingly, like Los Angeles and Washington, D.C., of course dejected locals turn out. When I was a community organizer on the left, we had great success in liberal cities.

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