Trump to scale back military exchange program with China

Trump to scale back military exchange program with China
ADM Jonathan Greenert, Chief of Naval Operations, gets chummy with ADM Wu Shengli, Commander in Chief of the Chinese People's Liberation Army Navy, during a July 2014 visit to China. (Image: Reuters)

[Ed. – This is an overdue step.]

Congress limited military exchanges with China in 2000 over concerns the Chinese was learning valuable information on US forces that could be used in a future conflict.

But under Obama exchanges were stepped up in a bid to develop cooperation.

The effort has not led to improved relations and China has continued to conduct provocative maritime and aerial maneuvers aimed at forcing the US military to halt reconnaissance flights and ship transits.

In 2015, under pressure from Congress, the Pentagon put on hold new military exchanges until the two militaries could work out rules of aerial encounters for aircraft.

“We think if you are going to do military-to-military exchanges, you should have strategic goals for why we are doing it,” said former Rep. Randy Forbes, a leading China hawk who is in line to be Navy secretary in the new administration.

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