New theme: Trump’s interest in news shows, newspaper reporting is creepy obsession

New theme: Trump’s interest in news shows, newspaper reporting is creepy obsession
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[Ed. – Do these people ever listen to themselves?  Suddenly it’s evidence of a weird fixation, to watch the news shows in the morning and skim NYT and NYP?  If you were the media, wouldn’t that be, like, a GOOD thing?]

President Donald Trump is obsessed with the media — consuming it, reacting to it and desiring positive depictions in it. That obsession arises not only out of egotism but also, as recent reports have revealed, from a seemingly uncontrollable fixation on them. (The word “addiction” is not being used here literally but when reading about his media consumption habits, a fitting substitute is difficult to come up with.)

“Print copies of three newspapers,” wrote Mike Allen and Jim VandeHei of Axios in a Tuesday article describing the president’s media habits on Tuesday. “When Billy Bush was on, ‘Access Hollywood’ every night. TiVo of the morning and evening news shows so he can watch the tops of all of them. Always ’60 Minutes.’ Often ‘Meet the Press.’ Lots of New York talk radio.” …

He doesn’t follow online news outlets, instead preferring traditional outlets including newspapers like The New York Times and The New York Post (which one friend referred to as “the paper of record for him”) and journalistic programs like “60 Minutes.”

He is particularly obsessed with TV.

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