Trump will end up deporting DREAMers, even without targeting them specifically

Trump will end up deporting DREAMers, even without targeting them specifically
Credit: Pat Sullivan/AP

[Ed. – Interesting that McClatchy frames this as an “exclusive news” story.  It’s really just deductive analysis.  Yeah, any DREAMer who’s here illegally and has a criminal record is going to be deported.]

Democratic leaders and advocates within the immigration community are bracing for Trump on Monday to eliminate several of Obama’s executive actions on immigration, including the deferred action program, known as DACA, that protects an estimated 750,000 immigrants brought here illegally as children.

Trump is not expected to immediately launch raids targeting the students, but fears among so-called Dreamers could grow as Trump executes plans to deport more than 2 million immigrants with any form of criminal records. In the process he’s inevitably going to sweep up many DACA students who will unlikely have the safeguards to protect themselves.

Leon Fresco, who headed the U.S. Department of Justice’s Office of Immigration, said even if Trump doesn’t terminate the program or promises not to directly pursue the young immigrants – as he has implied – more than a thousand will likely be targeted in deportation raids, including those with orders of removal and minor criminal records.

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