The Trump resistance will be led by angry women

The Trump resistance will be led by angry women
Image: New York Post video screen grab

[Ed. – If last Saturday was the beginning, this should be fun.]

If Saturday’s unprecedented, astonishing national protest, possibly the largest in American history, had happened in another country with an unpopular, autocratic, Vladimir Putin–aligned leader, we’d be calling it the Pink Revolution. The demonstrations showed how deeply and completely much of the country rejects its scowling, delusional new president. Trump might — might — have legal legitimacy, but he doesn’t have democratic legitimacy. The question now is whether a popular movement to stand up to him can be sustained beyond a single cathartic outpouring. Speaking to people who marched Saturday — many of whom had never done anything like that before, but who swore their first time wouldn’t be their last — offered reason for optimism.

In December, the research firm PerryUndem conducted a large research survey looking at gender, sexism, and the election. It found that sexism likely had a role in Hillary Clinton’s defeat. Thirty-two percent of men who voted for Trump, and 25 percent of women who voted for him, said that men make better political leaders than women. But it also found that outrage over Trump’s sexism has done more than anything else to spur people to political action post-election. Looking at respondents’ attitudes toward Trump and women, PerryUndem’s report says, “[N]o other demographic factors are significantly correlated with taking action, including Party ID.”

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