Actual great news: Ajit Pai soon to chair FCC

Actual great news: Ajit Pai soon to chair FCC
Ajit Pai. (Image: Washington Post)

[Ed. – Pai has been on the right side of FCC issues throughout his tenure on the commission.  A big crusader for Internet freedom, and debunker of the false arguments for “net neutrality.”  This is absolutely great news.]

President Trump has settled on Republican Ajit Pai as his choice for chairman of the Federal Communications Commission, sources told The Hill Friday.

The move was widely expected and certain to be welcomed by Republican lawmakers.

Look for Pai to hit the ground running as soon as the pick is made official.

Pai is currently a commissioner on the FCC board and an outspoken critic of many of the regulations pushed by former Chairman Tom Wheeler, who stepped down Friday.

Most notably, he has been a fierce opponent of the net neutrality rules enshrined in the FCC’s Open Internet Order, and all signs point to Republicans gearing up to roll back elements of the regulation.

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