In last day in office, Obama strikes ‘vetted’ Syrian rebels now embedded with al-Qaeda

In last day in office, Obama strikes ‘vetted’ Syrian rebels now embedded with al-Qaeda
Weird bedfellows.

[Ed. – As Patrick Poole says, this final act is a telling summary of Obama’s disordered national security policy.  Basically, he was having to go back and clean up the mess he made — or, more accurately, dab at it ineffectually, since there’s no “cleaning it up” at this point.  The damage is irreparable; the new bloodshed already begotten.  And yes, I know about the strikes in Libya too.  More on that elsewhere.  Emphasis in original.]

If one event can symbolize the incoherence of the Obama administration’s support for the so-called “vetted moderate” rebels in Syria, it would be one of Obama’s last acts in his last full day in office.

Friday the Pentagon reported that they had struck a terror training camp near Idlib, killing more than one hundred Al-Qaeda terrorists.

The wrinkle is that several members of a group that had previously been backed by the CIA and received TOW missiles as part of an Obama administration program—and were at the camp and embedded with Al-Qaeda—were also killed. …

But it quickly emerged that not only was this an al-Qaeda terror training camp, but one operated with a rebel group previously supported and “vetted” by the CIA, Harakat Nour al-Din al-Zenki…

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