How ‘Breaking Bad’ foreshadowed Trump

How ‘Breaking Bad’ foreshadowed Trump
Image: YouTube screen grab via AMC

Bryan Cranston gets Donald Trump. Just glance at his interviews with CNN and the BBC last year. Trump has given the actor an opportunity to re-explore the mind of Walter White, the protagonist he played on the epic TV series Breaking Bad.

Over five seasons of Breaking Bad, White undergoes a transformation. Diagnosed with inoperable cancer and driven to breaking point, he takes to making crystallized methamphetamine to ensure some financial security for his family after he dies. Soon he becomes a drug-racket kingpin. The victim is now an abuser, challenging the world.

Episode 1 has White literally on his knees. He is a good and reasonable man but his every path is blocked. His feminist wife subtly disrespects him and looks at him with pity. He cannot perform in bed. An intelligent man, he wastes his time teaching youths who have no interest. We see him cleaning tires to earn some extra dollars. His son is crippled.

Cartel members, junkies, and the Drug Enforcement Administration all try to stop White, but the show reserves a special place in its pantheon for two tech billionaires from a very different world.

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