New CEO for ‘Breitbart of the left’ wished Boston bombers had been ‘white Americans’

New CEO for ‘Breitbart of the left’ wished Boston bombers had been ‘white Americans’
Fight face. David Sirota. (Image: David Sirota via Ace of Spades)

[Ed. – White, of course, they were.  Can’t get whiter than Caucasian.  But they were Muslim immigrants from Dagestan.  Howard Portnoy did a takedown here of David Sirota’s very silly 2013 Salon piece.  Ace of Spades had a fun write-up here.  True Blue is David Brock’s baby.]

True Blue Media, pitching itself as the left’s answer to Breitbart, has picked an investigative reporter critical of Republicans and Wall Street Democrats alike as its new CEO.

David Sirota is leaving his role as senior investigations editor at the International Business Times to lead True Blue, which currently operates as ShareBlue and was part of a network of liberal outlets supporting Hillary Clinton’s failed presidential campaign.

The move suggests that a shattered and divided Democratic Party establishment is looking to embrace the combative, progressive wing that backed Bernie Sanders in the 2016 Democratic Primary.

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