Nat Geo: Obama’s ‘hope’ thwarted by Tea Party ‘extremists,’ ‘violent Republican opposition’

Nat Geo: Obama’s ‘hope’ thwarted by Tea Party ‘extremists,’ ‘violent Republican opposition’

Sunday night, National Geographic Channel played a two hour special on President Obama called “The Price of Hope.” What was the “price” of “hope” exactly? Apparently Obama not getting his way 100% of the time because of those evil Tea Party Republicans in Congress,(or at least that’s how the documentary spins it.) The entire documentary sets up the President as some kind of untainted Savior who struggled to achieve his dreams for a better America because “extremist” Republicans were too partisan to be reasonable.

The doc starts off with an easy target: George W. Bush.

NAT GEO NARRATOR: Election night, 2008. Barack Obama’s euphoric supporters are confident that the first African American president will reverse the legacy of eight years under George W. Bush.

The documentary goes on to spend the first fifteen minutes describing the “challenge” Obama faced trying to reverse the economic downturn he inherited from Bush. Several Democrats are featured blasting Republicans for not cooperating by passing Obama’s huge stimulus bill.

NAT GEO: Before the election, Democrats in Congress had passed President Bush’s bill to fight the crisis. But not a single Republican votes for Obama’s stimulus bill.

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