The (very) mixed messages of the Women’s March against Trump

The (very) mixed messages of the Women’s March against Trump
Trump rally in Tampa, FL, Oct 2016. (Image: Screen grab of YouTube video posted by Bud Meyers)

President-elect Donald Trump’s inauguration this week will be met with the left’s favorite pastime: protests.

One of the bigger events planned is the “Women’s March.” Taking place the day after the inauguration, the march will feature women in pink pussycat hats voicing their displeasure at the incoming president and is set to be one of the biggest marches in history. “HEAR OUR VOICE,” the Web site for the event declares.

But who’s included in that “our”? Event organizers and supporters don’t seem to know.

The Washington Post reports, “Of the 175,000 people who indicated they are going on the march’s Facebook page, just a fraction appear to be men,” which makes sense; it is the “Women’s March” after all. But in this day and age, that which makes sense is usually problematic.

According to the Post, it’s “the same test that played out when Americans went to vote for the nation’s first female president,” and American men are once again failing.

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