Trump eyes 10% spending cuts, slashing 20% of federal work force

Trump eyes 10% spending cuts, slashing 20% of federal work force
Image: Wikimedia Commons

[Ed. – Considering the military needs beefing back up, and Trump is expected to give that favorable consideration, the cuts for other departments would be significant.  That’s a good thing.  We’ll see if he can make it happen.]

Making good on a promise to slash government, President-elect Trump has asked his incoming team to pursue spending and staffing cuts.

Insiders said that the spending reductions in some departments could go as high as 10 percent and staff cuts to 20 percent, numbers that would rock Washington if he follows through.

At least two so-called “landing teams” in Cabinet agencies have relayed the call for cuts as part of their marching orders to shrink the flab in government.

The cuts would target discretionary spending, not mandated programs such as Medicare or Social Security, the sources said.

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