Suburbs of Paris now being stalked by government-protected wolves

Suburbs of Paris now being stalked by government-protected wolves
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[Ed. – Parisians are being advised that these wolves “only eat four-legged animals.”  Right.  My advice?  Never be caught alone and unarmed, and certainly not bleeding or injured, with one of these wolves in sight.]

French people have been told not to fear wolves roaming Paris streets – as “they only eat four-legged animals”.

Parisians are frightened that the endangered beasts – which have fought back from near extinction in the 1930s – are now within howling distance of the capital.

Indeed the discovery of paw prints, messy droppings and late-night howls from wolves – a distant relative of the domestic pet dog – are reported to be a now frequent occurrence in the city’s suburbs.

While they are known to normally hunt in packs – when they are notoriously most dangerous – only lone wolves have been spotted so far wandering its streets.

Experts and eyewitnesses claim they are freely roaming French ‘departments’ (an administrative district) of Yvelines and Essone in Île-de-France – which overlaps with the Paris metropolitan area in the south and west – at night.

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